Exiting first classes!

Wow, that was exiting! I really enjoyed the first day as a teacher P.E. again. It’s good to know that my repertoire is still there when I need to improvise. It is nice to feel that my interaction with adolescents ‘works’ in a way that I can get to the end of a lesson without much pushing and pulling. However, I do have a lot to practice again and find the didactics to create a more fluent class. That is, that one activity leads naturally to the other without plenary stops in between.
Now, did I already get inspired to extend the set up my research? Not really, since I am still to busy teaching. What I do know is that it has to do something with the planning of the lessons and choosing the ‘right’ activities in the classes and the subsequent pedagogy to go along with it. So, something with the ‘goal circle’ and working in the zone of proximal development in P.E.. I probably need theory on identity and physical development to create a adequate theoretical framework, since CHAT is to ‘general’ and holistic to be practical in my classes.

Wie of wat ben ik? Reflectie n.a.v. de Docentendenktank

smeerhandenEven een korte zijstap in het verhaal over mijn ervaringen als leraar-onderzoeker. In het Nederlands vanwege de aanleiding die onderwijsfilosoof Simon Verwer mij hiervoor biedt door het ‘onderwijspedagogische weten en gedachtegoed’ weer eens te benoemen. Een korte reflectie over wie en wat ik eigenlijk ben, omdat onderwijskundigen hardhandig aangepakt werden door Marc Oskam, docenten die hen verfoeien vervolgens eveneens door Paul Kirschner en ik denk/dacht dat ik beide was. Kan dat eigenlijk wel? Bovendien hoort reflecteren natuurlijk ook bij het proces van je eigen praktijk onderzoeken.Continue reading

Personal academic narrative

Following the process of my practitioner research, I will share my thoughts, theoretical framing, methodological choices, analyses and hopefully my final conclusions in a narrative on this blog. Simply because research is for sharing and a narrative might inspire more than reporting ‘objectively’. Moreover, I ‘d especially like to share my personal but academic perspective on things along the way. That’s something very different than claiming whatever my research will show. Obviously I will elaborate on that in later posts.Continue reading